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Formulation Development

Formulation development to determine the optimal dosage form, composition and manufacturing route is a fundamental part of pharmaceutical product development.

Our formulation development teams offer design and optimisation of formulations for Tablets, capsules, & Granules drug formulations.

Our expertise helps accelerate project timelines and includes pre-formulation, excipient-API compatibility assessment and optimisation, physicochemical testing, formulation screening, lab scale formulation and accelerated stability studies to achieve the desired characteristics.

The Sanctus Global Formulation Limited formulation development team enables small amounts of drug product materials to be developed using experimental design methodologies supported by testing at every stage with key performance analytics including solubility, dissolution, solid state characterisation and powder and particle morphology studies.

With dedicated teams of experienced analysts and formulators, we offer a truly flexible, dedicated formulation specialists to help you arrive at the optimal formulation.